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Experience top healthcare globally with Worldclass Health. Opt for care wherever you feel best—close to family or at a favorite location. Benefit from the highest quality of care hand-managed by our Concierge and Nurse Coordinators, plus significant savings that could mean zero co-pay for major treatments.

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Top-Tier Global Healthcare

Top-Tier Global Healthcare

Academic-Backed, Top US Quality Standards.

Access 80% of top hospitals worldwide.


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Exceptional Options

Exceptional Options

Access to elite providers, detailed hospital and surgeon profiles, and outcome-based quality metrics.

Comfort of private rooms or multi-room suites, ensuring family can stay close.

Compassionate care with options for in-hotel nursing and physical therapy*.

Experience Luxury Healthcare Travel

First Class All the Way

First Class All the Way

Expert medical travel coordinators support your journey, while first-class travel and luxurious accommodations ensure comfort.

Services in your preferred language, comprehensive insurance for all procedures, financing options, and International SOS support for peace of mind.

Programs Tailored for

Employee Engagement.

Programs Tailored for

Employee Engagement.

Ambassador Program

Preview our facilities and meet providers with a companion visit.

Champions Program

Become a healthcare advocate and enjoy an educational tour with a companion.

Pioneer Program

Join our Quarterly offsite for HR leaders to engage with our Clinical Advisory board and explore our Centers of Excellence.

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